Member associations exist to serve and grow their membership to the fullest extent possible. Simply put, growth comes from adding members while retaining the current base. But how much do you know about the people in your profession?

Moving Beyond your Current Membership
While it is vital to understand the basic demography of your membership, successful organizations strive to extend their knowledge beyond their current membership lists. Imagine how helpful it would be to know about your entire potential membership.

ProTrend-ACS takes you beyond the basics by drawing from Census Bureau information and delving into the details of your entire target base.

What About Minorities?
Many membership organizations have a particular focus on serving minority members, who may vary by race, ethnicity, or gender. The ProTrend-ACS data have a proven track record of helping organizations, committees, and departments focus on recruiting and retaining minority members.

Are There Affordable Options Besides a Costly Membership Survey?
Membership surveys can be expensive and all-consuming, and much basic demographic information on your profession, your entire potential membership base, has already been collected by the Census Bureau. ProTrend-ACS delivers information quickly and easily while saving you money.

Need to Put Current Trends in Perspective?
ProTrend-ACS enables a historical perspective by trending data from the past. A ten- or even 20-year history of your profession adds a fresh outlook on the future direction of your target membership. For virtually all organizations, any sort of historical membership survey is impossible. If the data do exist, they are often locked in research reports that are difficult to reanalyze. Census data provide a well-documented, ready to-be-used history. In addition, with the ACS, new data are released every year, bringing you up-to-date on current patterns and trends.

Need Help Setting Recruiting Goals?
In many cases ProTrend-ACS can provide county or local region estimates within states that can be used for a variety of purposes, from field recruitment goal-setting to determining service territories.

Not Sure Where to Start?
Decision Demographics’ custom research service first helps you define what you would like to know and then develops a tailored reporting solution. Not sure if ProTrend-ACS is the right starting point? We will structure custom services to meet your association’s goals. We can assist in maximizing your internal data resources and combine them with external data to develop a complete picture of your organization.

This product was supported in part by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
through Small Business Innovation Research Grant 2 R44 HD036557.