The core of ProTrend-ACS is a set of prepackaged tables and charts, which can be used to profile the workers in your profession, or in any industry you choose.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs
Most organizations begin with the standard ProTrend-ACS output, which contains 26 pages of tables and charts. While these data provide an excellent starting point to understanding your target market, each organization views itself and the world from a unique perspective. We have designed ProTrend-ACS so we can provide customized reports to fit your needs.

Does your organization compare districts or regions? Do you serve distinct subgroups within your organization? Are you interested in comparing men and women, or young and older workers? Analyzing these differences will tell you much about your profession; adding a time component will tell you how much it has changed. ProTrend-ACS provides this flexibility. By providing data that blend with your organization’s perspective, we empower you with vital, usable data about your profession.

Multiple Delivery Formats for Multiple Uses
Because every organization uses a variety of data and formats, ProTrend-ACS offers several options, from a traditional printed report to a downloadable PDF file or an HTML interface for use with a web browser. Would you like to make this information accessible to your membership? You can tailor it precisely to your members’ needs.

See for Yourself: Browse or Download a Sample Profile Report of Librarians

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ProTrend-ACS Report Production
While some components are standardized to save you time and money, every ProTrend-ACS analysis is tailored to each customer. We will work with you to identify and gather the desired information about your target groups.

Stage One
First, we will fit your target group(s) within what is available in Census data. For membership organizations that represent specific occupational groups, this involves comparing your target’s definition with the Census definitions. We may suggest including some Census industry definitions or restricting to a certain sector such as government employees, not-for-profit, or for-profit businesses. Maybe you will want a breakout by all three.

Stage Two
Once we have developed the target definitions and perhaps performed some preliminary tabulations, we can quickly create your unique set of tables and charts. Upon product delivery via your format(s) of choice, we stand ready to respond to questions and provide assistance in interpretation of the findings. While data will answer many questions, they also commonly bring new insights—and new questions. If additional customization is called for, we will work with you to formulate an approach. Whatever the outcome, we can assist you through the entire process.


This product was supported in part by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
through Small Business Innovation Research Grant 2 R44 HD036557.